What is your strategy for conversational bookings?

Did you know that at the average hotel 20% of all bookings are bookings for families, groups, events, conferences, add-on services or other “complicated” bookings? Did you know that the value of these reservations is significantly higher than a standard booking?

Having you ever checked how your booking engine responds when guests want to book something a bit more complicated? I have checked hundreds of websites and found that most booking engines either 1) result in an error message when I enter 3 adults and 2 children or 2) show no availability. In both cases, the hotel is open for business but is missing revenue opportunities.

Hotels often miss out on revenue-generating booking opportunities because guests think they aren’t available and can’t accommodate them. Make sure this isn’t the case for your hotel. Start by testing your booking engine for several different inputs, not just standard ones - what happens when you input something a bit more complicated?

Is there a quick fix? Absolutely, it's not so easy to switch your booking engine but it is easy to make sure that your contact information is clear at every stay of the booking process. Display your email, phone, and messaging options clearly so guests can reach you however it is easiest for them.

Not only will this lead to bigger ticket, direct booking opportunities, but you will also have new opportunities for upselling and get better guest reviews for your awesome customer service.

How do you ensure your success and more money in your pocket? Make sure your staff is ready to answer questions and process bookings at all times of the day. Check in with them weekly to find out challenges, questions and adjust sales techniques as needed.

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