The Direct Booking Checklist

Is your website direct booking ready? Take a few minutes to open up your website and go through this checklist to make sure you are optimized for conversion.

  • Is it easy to find your contact info on each page of your website?
    Guests can have questions or want to make a booking at any time - make sure you are always available to them.

  • Is your website design modern, clear, informative and visually appealing?
    Make sure you provide enough information for website visitors so they don’t have to contact you for basic information. If a guest has to put in too much effort, they won’t book. Pay careful attention to your navigation bar - ensure that it makes sense for guests.

  • Do you display at least 15 high-quality images of your hotel?
    Images play a major factor in whether or not guests choose your hotel. Make sure you have at least 15 high-quality and appealing images. In addition, ensure the images show common rooms, the breakfast room, bedrooms, and bathrooms - people want to know exactly what they are getting.

  • Is it easy to find answers to frequently asked questions?
    Don’t make guests hunt around - if they aren’t sure they won’t book. Make sure it is easy to find the location of your hotel, directions to the hotel, city highlights, check-in, check-out, breakfast information, and other transportation details.

  • Do you have a messaging or chat option? Is your website as helpful as someone would be at the front desk of your hotel?
    88% of millennials prefer messaging, make sure to provide them with an easy way to contact you. This is especially important if you have if you have international guests because costs, time differences, and wifi/data access make messaging a lot easier for them.

  • Do you offer the best rate on your website? If so, do you communicate this to your guest?
    Make sure your guest knows they get the best deal through you. Also, make sure you have the lowest available price option on your website.

  • When guests arrive at the payment stage of a booking, does the process feel secure? Are you taking your guests’ data seriously?
    If your staff asks for credit card information in a way that doesn’t feel secure to the guest, they won’t book through you and they will lose faith in booking direct in general. Make sure you offer secure payment processes so the guest knows you care about keeping their data safe.

  • Do you sell the destination?
    For the most part, guests are coming to visit the destination. The more you can show how your hotel will offer them the best experience in the destination, the more likely they are going to stay with you.

  • Do you show off your ratings, rankings, and awards?
    Guests care about ratings, a lot. Don’t make them hunt around the internet to find yours. Display your awards, TripAdvisor, and ratings proudly.

  • Can your guests find you on Instagram, Facebook, and Google? Can they easily get to your website from these channels?
    Some guests won’t go straight to your website - their first search might be via Facebook or Instagram. Make sure they can easily connect to you. It doesn’t need to be complicated - upload your high-quality pictures and display your contact information and website clearly.

  • Are you mobile friendly?
    Today, many people use mobile at some point in the booking process. Make sure your website is built for mobile so it’s easy to load, read and navigate your website from their phone.

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