Quick and Easy: Implementing Messaging at Your Hotel

Sometimes it seems daunting to set up any new tool, let alone a messaging tool which can involve multiple departments and many staff.

However we have seen that this process can be quick, easy and bring stellar results when broken down into five simple steps.

  1. Educate your team about the new tool with a quick intro email. Introduce the name of the tool, the website, why you are using it and what you hope to gain. Also make sure to include who is responsible for responding in the tool and who will monitor responses. Lastly, provide a link to a short demo and the support email provided by the messaging company so that staff can get help if they need it.

  2. Simplify the use of the tool by providing guidelines and templates for responses that everyone can access. This will ensure staff are not typing up the same responses over and over. If available, you can also employ use of chatbot tools available to answer the most frequently asked questions - this will significantly decrease staff workload.

  3. Manage how the tool is used especially in the first two weeks. Check that the response time and content meets your expectations. Ensure that staff take advantage of booking opportunities and make the process simple for guests. Thereafter check in once a week to ensure the quality is up to the standards of the hotel.

  4. Reward great responses with recognition, small gifts, or even a bonus for big successes. When staff notice that you recognize their work they take pride in their responses and look for opportunities to shine. Messaging is a major sales tool, take the opportunity to encourage direct sales and upsells and reward staff who close the most money in reservations.

  5. Share results using individual examples of successes in addition to any statistics provided by the messaging company you use. Make sure to share with your manager as well as everyone operating the tool everyone can see the potential impact.

With these five steps you can make implementing your messaging tool very easy and get great results.

Happy messaging!

PS Did you know Instaroom built a tool specifically for hotels making it super easy to implement? How does it do this?

  • Implementation takes less than 10 minutes
  • Smartmail option which integrates the tool into email - your staff don’t have to learn to use any new tools!
  • Recorded video demo, or optional live demo available to all staff
  • Chatbots to decrease staff workload by up to 40%
  • Fully responsive support staff available every day!

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