Messaging is Money in Your Pocket

Distribution is tough and expensive - on top of that distributors control the customer journey and customer data. This not only prevents guests from getting the best experience, but also results in lost revenues for hotels.

The good news is - guests want more out of the booking experience. They want personalization - booking engines can’t provide it and OTAs can’t provide it at the same level that a hotel can. In fact, 44% of website visitors say that the most important feature of a website is to have questions answered by a live person.

Your website is the most visited department of your hotel, yet most hotels are not nearly as present as they are at their front desk. Two billion people are using messaging worldwide and 88% of millennials prefer messaging to other forms of communication - it’s time to consider messaging as way to connect with potential customers and guests.

By using a messaging tool you meet guests where they are - on your website and in need of personalized service. Many people now prefer typing to talking, want to make their booking quickly, and need you to be available in their time zone. And as David Marcus, VP of messaging at Facebook put it, “once you interact with a business, you open a thread that will stay forever. You never lose context, and the business never loses context about who you are and your past purchases. It removes all the friction.” Messaging is the ultimate sales channel.

An added benefit, is that it reduces hotel costs and leaves the consumer with written history of the conversation. According to McKinsey, live chat costs up to one half of the cost of a traditional call center. Imagine if you have on person available to answer inquiries at your hotel - they can handle one call at a time or four+ chat inquiries simultaneously. Supplementing this with the help of chatbots saves even more time - bots can handle the frequently asked questions with standardized answers leading to greater efficiency and guest satisfaction. Leave the difficult questions for hotel staff.

Lastly, and most importantly - it leads to higher conversion. Guests who connect with a person are more likely to convert and on top of that there are a number of opportunities for upsells.

Chat is a killer tool available at very low prices - it personalizes the customer journey, decreases costs, and increases conversions and sales opportunities. Best of all, with most companies you can try it out for free and pay only if you see revenue results.

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